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So, why Britain?


Rachel and her husband Erich 

I still remember my very first trip to Britain as a child. My face pressed against the airplane window, we descended through the clouds and I could see the hedgerows stretching out across the landscape, then the winding Thames twisting and turning its way through the heart of London. I spent the next two weeks transfixed by this new place. In Wales I marveled at the towers of Caernarfon Castle – my brother and I excitedly said we would climb every tower! And we did just that.

We ducked out of the rain and into charming tea rooms, we marveled at the splendor of Blenheim Palace, stood in awe of the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London, and I truly fell in love with Britain. On that trip, and in the years and many trips since, I have fallen in love with Britain over and over again.

Then, in 2013 I met the man who later became my husband. Shortly after we met I texted him and said “you want to go to London?” Next thing you know we are jetting across the Atlantic and I had the chance to show my favorite place to him. Seeing the wonder in his eyes and the joy he felt at seeing this new place, I discovered I had a passion for sharing Britain with others. And Louisa White Travel was born.

Let’s add a little bit of that Louisa White spirit to your next escape. All you have to do? Pack your bags.

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