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Have questions on what we do here at Louisa White Travel—and how we can help you? I’ve got answers, below!


Q: I’ve never worked with a travel advisor before—how does this work?


Because we take a highly personalized approach to planning your travels, the first thing we like to do is chat with you—over the phone or in person—during your complimentary planning session. Based on what you’re looking for, we’ll then pull together a preliminary itinerary that we can tweak together from there. 


Q: Why should I work with you instead of booking online myself?


Custom travel planning soaks up a ton of time—you’ve got to research your destination, book all the travel components, uncover any special travel requirements, and contact any local companies or outfitters you like. We take all of that off your hands.


But more than the “time factor,” we give you peace of mind—and a completely unique experience. You can trust that we’ll only work with vetted travel partners as we craft your trip (unlocking experiences you may not even be able to find online!). And you can trust that your trip is built around your particular interests and travel style. Planning on the internet too often leads to a cookie-cutter vacation—we are your antidote to a “looks-like-everyone-else’s” kind of getaway.


Q: Do you book everything for us?


Yes, everything! This includes flights, accommodations, transfers, and tours—plus all the “little” stuff that makes a big difference to your trip, like excursions, hands-on activities, cooking classes, and restaurant or show reservations. We are your one-stop shop for stress-free travel.


Q: What destinations do you specialize in?


Our team are Anglophiles through and through, so specializing in Great Britain comes naturally. Our founder, Rachel, and other members of the team visit Britain many times during the year to see, research, and experience every corner of the island. We don't just visit the castles, gardens, and stately homes that Britain is famous for, but we also make sure that we try the restaurants, visit the shops, and wander every village road so that we can give you the true insider scoop on the destination. When you travel with Louisa White, your vacation will be  immersive, high-touch, and totally tailored to you.


Q: Sounds great! How can we get started?


Let's connect on your complimentary consultation session! You can get any other questions you have for us answered then, too. Simply click below to schedule your consultation call (or coffee chat!) with Rachel now:

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