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Long-term Travel Planning from Louisa White Travel

More heady anticipation. More moments of awe. More life-changing travel experiences.


That’s what you get when you become a long-term client with me. I’m your planning partner for not just the next trip, but every trip, crafting a lifetime of singular experiences that become better tailored to your style every time you travel.


Just like a financial advisor takes the long view of your budget, ensuring you have the money to do what you want now and later—we’ll take the long view of your vacations.


Here’s why smart travelers are taking the long-term approach:


          1. Create a game plan for your bucket list. This is how we transform your travel wish list into a reality. Too often, travelers never make it to the destinations they most yearn to visit. Life just gets in the way. Long-term planning, though, makes it happen, allowing you to budget your time and your finances to support your travel dreams.

          2. Plot out the best time to take your trips, based on your season of life. Not every trip is right for right now. We’ll discuss timing your trips in a way that makes the most sense for you and your family—for example, that may mean waiting a few years to take that safari adventure when the kids are a little older, or planning the trans-Atlantic cruise as a celebratory treat for when you retire.


         3. Allow us to scout out the best options for you. When we know what type of trip you’re after 2, 3, or even 5 years from now, we can keep my ear to the ground, gathering intel on what will make your future trips truly spectacular. We’ll be in “scout” mode when meeting with supplier partners and embark on personal travels, hoarding ideas on how to make your next bucket-list journey exceptional.


          4. Get the most value out of your trips. Last-minute vacation planning often means making a few sacrifices. With a longer lead time, though, we’ll be able to eek out incredible value from your travels—guaranteeing you can travel at the best time of year, at the best pricing, and with the best availability.

Inspired by you, Powered by Virtuoso Wanderlist

How will we craft your long-term travel plan? With the help of Virtuoso’s Wanderlist, your curated online travel portfolio.  Virtuoso, the world’s leading consortia of luxury travel companies, has created an interactive, “Netflix-style” portal where we’ll create and manage your travel wish list.

You’ll rate the places you most want to visit, compare them to what’s on your travel companions’ wish lists, and dive deep into destination discovery with videos, articles, galleries, and more. We'll use your Wanderlist portfolio as a jumping-off point to discussing your long-term travel plan. Cutting-edge technology + a consultative approach gets you a lifetime of special travel memories, perfectly planned. 

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