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The Allure of River Cruises

They are all the rage right now - river cruising is really having its day. And for good reason! You have all the benefits of a traditional ocean cruise but instead of sailing into large ports, you are sailing leisurely down the waterways of Europe, Russia, Thailand, Egypt, India or even China. What a fantastic way to visit a number of places and still only have to unpack once? Traditionally, trips to Europe often involve several destinations. Who, in all honesty, can resist the urge to explore this continent? When another beautiful place is only a train ride away? But this also comes with the necessity to pack and unpack regularly, and make your way to the train or car that will take you to your next destination. Not so with a river cruise! Once you are in your suite, you unpack once and thats it! All while still visiting many places along some of the world's most famous waterways.

The great benefit of river cruising's surge in popularity is that there are a great number of fantastic companies to choose from that suite a wide range of tastes. Some are geared towards families or particular themes, others are ultra-luxurious with five star accomodations and gourmet food, others are for those seeking active adventure, while there is even a new line designed specifically for the millennial traveler (and yes, they really do check your age!).

A river cruise is also a fantastic way to see a more exotic destination that you might not travel to otherwise. A cruise on the Nile, for example, is probably the very best way to experience the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Your floating luxury hotel comes with you every step of the way so you never need to worry about planning out or researching reputable tours or hotels. Imagine traveling the Nile much as ancient Egyptians once did, watching the sun set into the desert from the deck of your ship, and spending your days with an Egyptologist exploring the ancient temples that have stood along the banks of this great river for a millennia.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of visiting the Three Gorges of China's mighty Yangtze River but have felt intimidated my the immensity of the country and the language barrier but the thought of a traditional group tour isn't really your style. In that case, a river cruise is probably the perfect way for you to travel! On a cruise of the Yangtze you can expect to see temples shrouded in mist, dotting the fairytale landscape that has inspired artists and poets for centuries. But the adventure does not stop there! You will also usually have excursions to major sites such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City - a truly luxurious way to journey through this fantastic country.

Or, perhaps, you have been to France a dozen times and are looking for a completely new way to explore this country you love so much. In this case, a cruise along the Seine or the Rhone is a luxurious way to see France from a new perspective. Spend your days pedaling along country roads to Giverny, the country village where Monet lived for much of his life, get an up close look at the 1,000 year old Bayeux tapestry, retrace your fathers or grandfathers steps on the Normandy beaches, marvel at the spectacular Palace of Versailles, and wander through the narrow streets of Sorbonne, the old haunt of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Do all of this and more on just one cruise! All without ever having to pack up your hotel room!

Today, we are blessed with a wealth of fantastic cruise lines to choose from - all with their own unique style of travel. Be sure to thoroughly investigate each one before making your selection because the quality and variety of food, accommodations, shore excursions, and entertainment varies widely across the different lines. If you would like to learn more and need help deciding which line and cruise is best for you - give us a call! We are here to make your dreams of the ultimate vacation a reality!

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