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Cruising to London With Your Pooch

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Are you planning on spending the summer in the idyllic English countryside? Or are you catching up with friends and family in London sometime soon? You might have answered yes to these but still have the nagging feeling that you don't want to leave your pet at home or in a kennel. A transatlantic cruise really is the most iconic way to travel 'across the pond' but did you know that you don't need to leave your dog, cat, or ferret at home? What a relief to not have to worry about finding a kennel or enlisting someone to walk, feed, and care for your pet in your absence!

That being said, you cannot simply bring your pet onboard and into your suite or stateroom. Pets must be booked into their own kennel onboard, and there is a dedicated Kennel Master who looks after your pets. They get walks, playtime, daily feeding, and there are even visiting hours! So even though your pets are not allowed in your room, you are certainly able to go down and visit with them during your cruise.

This is not, however, widely available, and many times the kennels are booked up two years ahead of time! In cases like this, we still always get our clients on a waiting list. Why? Because if you are booking a kennel for your dog two years ahead of time - there is every possibility that plans will change. Also, if your dog is particularly large (or you just want to spoil Fido with extra room) you will need to book two kennels side-by-side.

It is important to note that there is no veterinarian onboard, and there are strict rules regarding microchipping and vaccinations, as well as flea and tick treatments. To learn more about how to take your pet to London, give us a call! As pet owners and animal lovers, we are always happy to help accommodate your furry friends.

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