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Where to See the Midnight Sun

We are heading back to that time of year when the northern and southern extremes of our planet are getting ready to welcome the midnight sun. Depending on where you are, this can start as early as April and last until late August. The light has a somewhat magical quality to it - eternally on the edge of sunset and a beautiful golden rosy glow. Unsurprisingly, the best places in the northern hemisphere to experience this never-ending sunset are also the same places where some of the best Northern Lights are seen in the winter.

Greenland, a haven for adventure-seekers, has endless outdoor activities on offer. Head to the western fjords for some stunning landscapes and to enjoy the eternal glow on the imposing icebergs. You can also enjoy whale watching cruises in the southern region - it is even said that the whales (15 different species) outnumber the icebergs!

Northern Canada enjoys 50 days of continuous sunlight beginning in May and ending in July! Make Inuvik your base and expect to spot some impressive wildlife while you're there. From polar bears to narwhals, Canada has no shortage of fascinating and unusal wildlife. You can also take time to enjoy the Great Northern Arts Festival and a cruise around Baffin Island.

Think 50 days of sun is a lot? How about the 70 continuous days of sunlight in Lapland (northern Finland)? In June you can check out the Jutajaiset folklore festival or the midnight sun Film Festival. An old belief in Lapland is that if a maiden collects seven flowers on midsummer's eve and keeps them under her pillow when she sleeps that night, she will see her future husband in her dreams.

The legendary White Nights in St. Petersburg Russia starts tomorrow, May 26th, and runs through mid-July. Technically speaking, as the city is below the Arctic Circle, there is no midnight sun (more of a nautical twilight). The locals have been celebrating the White Nights for centuries, and every corner of the city gets in on the party - with theater, opera, and ballet performances all month long.

Have you seen the midnight sun? Was it at a party in St. Petersburg or floating amongst glaciers? Let us know - we'd love to hear your story!

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