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No Time Like the Present

A lot of our clients do not plan travel a year or more ahead of time - we get it, you have other things going on and most think there is plenty of time. Much of the time that is true, you don't have to book so far ahead; but often it is necessary to plan far ahead of time to ensure that you get exactly what you want. This is important if, for example, you want to take your family to London for New Years and you would like to stay in the three bedroom suite at Flemings, or the 4,973 square foot Royal Penthouse at the Corinthia. Since these are unique and ideally situated for the event, they always sell out early. Booking early is especially important if you have a particular event in mind, such as Wimbledon, Christmas Market river cruises, the US Open, the Chelsea Flower Show, Obergammau, and more. Obergammau is a perfect example - this event is not until 2020 and a number of groups will be completely full by the end of this summer!


Wimbledon packages availble now

Traveling to attend a special event is always a particularly memorable experience as you have the chance to see the destination in a whole new light. When we were in London for the 2012 Olympics, it was spectacular! I had been to London many times, but the city had put its very best face forward and there was a wonderful feeling in the air that is difficult to describe. The people were so excited to share their city with the world, and went out of their way to ensure that everyone had the very best time. It was like seeing London with new eyes for the very first time. Truly once-in-a-lifetime!


London during the Olympics

Some events - like the Christmas Market cruises or Obergammau last for several weeks or months, which can make them a bit easier to schedule. Though with a limited supply and thousands of people interested in attending, even these fill up very quickly. There is nothing more disappointing than having someone give us a call three months out from when they hope to travel and we have to tell them that the tickets are sold out or the suite they would like is booked.

Christmas market cruises are particularly popular, and truly have to be experienced to understand the magic of cruising the rivers of Europe during the holidays. It is so lovely to wander through medieval cities and towns, mulled cider in hand, and seeing the bright decorations while listening to carolers. Not to mention the fun of ringing in the New Year in a beautiful new place complete with spectacular fireworks!

Christmas Market Cruises are a perennial favorite

European Chrismtas Market

Even if you are planning so far ahead that we actually can't book the experience yet - it is good to get your plans on our radar. That way, the moment tickets, hotels, or flights are available, we are able to notify you and start booking. This is, of course, the biggest benefit to booking early - no missing out! You get exactly what you want, no compromises. Because really, do you want to settle for second best when it comes to your dream vacation? I thought not.

Pebble Beach, Home of the 2019 US Open

Pebble Beach, home of 2019 US Open

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