• Rachel Shoemaker

Why I Love River Cruises

I am sitting here right now on the sun deck of a beautiful river cruise boat sailing down the Rhine river. The breeze is lovely, and all along the riverside we have enjoyed scenes of horses and sheep stopping for a drink, families out for evening barbecues, and any number of castles and lovely little villages marked by their church towers. Soon we will arrive in Cologne and while it is true that there are indeed faster ways to get to Cologne, I have to admit that this is quite a relaxing way to make the journey. There are a lot of folks who I know have never considered or even heard of river cruising, but I am here to say that it is really wonderful and that you really should consider it for your next vacation. Here are a few of my own reasons why you would love a river cruise:

1. You can easily see a great number of destinations. On this cruise alone we are visiting 5 countries! The typical way to have such an itinerary would be to either rent a car or take trains. I have found that river cruising is superior to these in several ways but there is one MAJOR bonus- instead of waking up every morning, packing up my bags, and heading to the car or the train, I simply wake up and head to breakfast. Unpacking once is a delightful bonus to the river cruise experience.

2. Ocean cruises take you TO countries. River cruises take you THROUGH them. That is a big difference to me. Instead of a stop or two along the coast, we are winding our way through the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The scenery is fantastic, and the chance to delve deeper into the destination is completely worth it. Plus, you don't have to be bused in to the city from the coast - we dock right in the middle of town!

3. River cruises have a number of unique itineraries to suit every taste. From culture seekers to history buffs, foodies, wine lovers, wellness travelers interested in biking, hiking or yoga, and even Christmas cruises! There are endless options and these are only a sampling of the itineraries available. Plus, if there isn't an itinerary available that suits the tastes of your group - then charter a ship and they will arrange unique and completely tailor made itineraries just for you! If you want to book a group or charter an entire vessel, give us a call. This is a complex process that requires a lot of advance planning so it is far simpler to let us handle the tricky aspects so that all you have to do in enjoy!

4. River cruises visit many exotic locations, too! Have you always dreamed of a cruise down the Nile, or along the mighty Ganges in India? What about the famous Yangtze in China or exploring Cambodia and Vietnam from the deck of a ship on the Mekong? All of these and more are available! I want to do all of these! How about you?

5. River cruising is simply luxurious! You travel through a destination with your own floating boutique hotel, complete with fabulous food and a staff that is endlessly accommodating.

So here I will leave you as right now I am sitting on the deck soaking up the sun, and listening to the church bells toll in Cologne, as if they are welcoming us to their beautiful home.

Interested in learning more about river cruising? Give me a call (610) 880-7381 or to get started on your own adventure!


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