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2018 Holiday Shopping Guide

For the Wine Lover

Are you shopping for a wine lover this year? As anyone who travels knows all too well, bringing home bottles of wine from abroad can be a harrowing prospect. I have in the past been known to carefully wrap bottles of wine and olive oil in sweaters or tuck them between carefully arranged socks. I then send my bag down the belt at the airport and nervously cross my fingers that they don't break open somewhere on the way home! Well I no longer need to worry - and neither do you! Simply bring along one of these wine suitcases and feel free to buy plenty of wine to enjoy at home (since you and I both know that just one bottle of wine simply won't do).

These hard shell suitcases are designed to hold up to 12 full size bottles of wine in complete security so you don't need to worry about saving space in your luggage, ruining your clothes, or whether or not you should buy that extra bottle (yes, you should).

Click here for Vin Guard Valise



For the Adventurer

Someone who is always hiking, snorkeling, exploring new places - we all have a friend like this on our list. They are the adventurers who want to record every minute! And to be fair, who among us doesn't enjoy watching the videos they come home with? I remember the moment I realized that I needed a GoPro. I was snorkeling around Lokrum, an island near Dubrovnik in Croatia. The water was so clear and deep that it felt as though I could see forever. In that moment I was disappointed that I had no way to record what I was seeing and I knew I had to get a GoPro for my next adventure! Today I take mine with me everywhere I go - even if it is just a winery visit in Germany.

This particular camera is perfect for traveling - it is even smaller than the usual GoPro, records in 4K, and it is waterproof to 33ft!

Click here for GoPro Hero 5 Session

GoPro camera is perfect for adventure travel


For the Romantic

By now I am sure you know all about Louisa White's (aka my great-great-grandmother) steamer trunk. It is a gorgeous old trunk that brings to mind images of bygone days. Her initials are carefully painted on the outside along with stickers for White Star Line (famous for a ship named Titanic), and lavish hotels from Stockholm to Egypt. This sort of luggage is rarely seen nowadays. Just look around the carousel next time you pick up your bags. Today's luggage is, to say the least, boring.

Why not stand out from the crowd with beautiful luggage that harkens back to the trunks of old? Practical? Sort of. Beautiful? Undoubtedly.

Click here for Vintage Suitcase



For the Jet Setter

Do you know someone who has trouble getting over jet lag or simply has difficulty sleeping? Then why not try this cool new gadget. It has a sunrise alarm and a fading sunset nightlight. If you are the type of person who really struggles with re-synching your sleep schedule when you return home from international trips then this might just be the trick to help you get back on track.

Features in addition to the simulation of natural sunrise and sunset include the RelaxBreathe guide to help you decompress, PowerSnooze, a variety of brightness settings, nightlight and reading light settings, and a touch display.

Click here for Philips Somneo Lamp

Get a good night's sleep to get over jet lag


Something Cozy

We all know that even in first class, long international flights can get chilly (or hot and stuffy...they can really be all over the place it seems). I often find that the blankets you are given onboard are either not warm enough or not long enough...or they somehow fall off midflight and I wake up cold 🙄

For this reason I always recommend bringing along a sweater or something cozy to snuggle up in. I usually opt for a soft, cashmere poncho or wrap. These are lightweight and easy to store in your carryon if you dont find you need it but are also so warm and snuggly if you do need it. Not to mention that it will never fall off midflight like those blankets!

Click here for Scotch and Soda Men's Crewneck

Click here for Women's Cashmere Poncho

Stay warm and comfy on long flights


To Stay Organized

It is so important to stay organized during international travel. You have to keep track of your passport, credit cards, foreign cash, important paperwork, Global Entry card, boarding passes and more. The last thing you want to do is sit there rooting through your bag trying to find your passport or boarding pass and holding up the line...or worse you could lose them! (My clients know that I am a big advocate of having a hard copy of your boarding pass even if you use a mobile device)

So, what is my solution? A travel wallet! These are fantastic ways to keep everything completely organized. The hand made calfskin travel wallet made by Smythson of Bond Street is perfect. It has tabs labeled for Boarding Pass, Tickets, Passport, Currency and Other. Not to mention the simple fact that it is a gorgeous and luxurious way to keep everything together.

Click here for Women's Travel Wallet

Stay organized when you're on the go


Sun Safety

As I am sure you have seen from the hats and long sleeves in many of my photos - I am always conscious of protecting my skin from the sun. I don't like to wear sunscreen if I don't have to so I always bring a hat when I am traveling. But to be honest with you, the truth is that a hat can be annoying to travel with. Either you wear your sun hat through the gray airport, carefully pack it in your bag at the risk of it getting smooshed, or you carry it with you which gives you one less free hand.

And who honestly wants to do any of that? Not me! So either I don't bring a hat OR I pack it - which is why you should invest in a crushable hat. Now you have no excuses for not bringing one 😉

Click here for Packable Hat

Crushable hats are travel friendly and protect you from the sun


Louisa White Gift Card

Are you still stumped about what to get the traveler in your life?

How about something sure to make them happy - a Louisa White Gift Card! Contact me for more information and to purchase.

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