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5 Trending Travel Destinations

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the trending destinations of 2019. While some destinations like London, Paris, and Rome have a perennial appeal, there are other places that have been flying under the radar and are now, for one reason or another, more frequently requested by my clients. This week I have decided to highlight a few of these and share why they are trending and why you should add them to your must-see list.

Croatia has been growing in popularity over the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. While Game of Thrones may have put the city of Dubrovnik on many a bucket list, people are starting to discover just how much this little country has to offer. With endless miles of breathtaking coastline, over 1200 islands, and beautiful medival cities, Croatia really is hard to resist. While certain cities are experiencing record breaking numbers of visitors, there are others where you can still find your own corner of authentic Croatian life. Another way to experience this great country is by chartering a private sailboat. Having the freedom to travel the coast, visiting charming villages and dropping your anchor in whatever cove suits your fancy, and eating local specialties as you go all sounds like the perfect escape to me.

Japan is emerging as a popular destination for multi-generational travel. The key to family travel is making sure that both the adults and children have enough to stay entertained. You need just the right balance of fun, relaxation, and unique experiences to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Not only does Japan have a host of unique experiences that are a world away from what can be experienced here at home, but it is also easy to navigate and incredibly safe. A few activities that are exciting for both kids and adults include a walk through the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, visiting the castles of Oaska, Himeji, and Matsumoto, taiko drumming classes, and the Sapporo Snow Festival.

If an African safari is on your bucket list then Botswana should definitely be on your radar. Why Botswana when there are numerous countries to choose from? Simply put, Botswana is the benchmark for sustainable ecotourism. By tightly controlling occupancy numbers, the camps and lodges are all intimate and you will truly feel as though you are living the true safari experience. From the Kalahari Desert to the lunar landscape of the Makgadikgadi basin on to the lush Okavango Delta and the famous Chobe National Park, there is truly a vast variety of experiences to be had in this beautiful country.

Scotland has seen a boost in interest from the show 'Outlander' which is filmed in Scotland's spectacular natural setting. But there is so much more to this country than film sites. Whether your interest is golf, whiskey, history, your family ancestry, rugged natural scenery, or any number of outdoor pursuits, then Scotland is the perfect destination. Not to mention that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, held every August, is definitely an event on my bucket list! Scotland is also a wonderful destination for New Years, as their 'Hogmanay' celebrations are truly legendary.

From Vienna to Salzburg and every craggy mountain in between, Austria is a breathtaking country where you can explore charming towns and hike or mountain bike through spectacular mountain ranges dotted with alpine lakes and meadows. Austria is also a very safe country with an easy to understand train system, though it should be noted that a car can come in handy if you want to really explore many of the villages. Lovers of art and music should have Vienna on their bucket list as it was the home of Mozart, Klimt, Wagner, Shubert, and Strauss to name a few. Then of course there are winter sports to enjoy in Austria as well. Skiing is almost a way of life for the locals so make sure that you plan a visit in the winter if you want to ski and see this beautiful country blanketed in snow.

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