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What is Culinary Travel Anyway?

One thing I hear over and over again when speaking with clients and prospects is that you want to have an 'authentic experience' and to get a feel for how the local people live. Food and cooking are essential parts of culture, and nothing can connect you to a place and its people faster and more easily than by getting a taste for local delicacies. My goal is to not only educate you about the local cuisine, but to inspire you to delve into local food trends and traditions so that you leave with a taste for the best the destination has to offer.

By working with only the very best partners and suppliers and being a member of the Virtuoso Culinary Community, I know that I am able to provide you with very finest in culinary travel no matter where you want to go or what cuisine you want to discover. Whether you want to get hands on and active or simply have the best brought to your table, there is something for you to discover in the world of culinary travel.

What can I do on a culinary-inspired itinerary?

From Michelin-starred street food to pulling oysters from the sea and enjoying them right there on the boat, there are truly endless culinary experiences to be had. I know that culinary travel means so much more than just eating at a great restaurant (though with my recommendations you'll still do plenty of that!) and I provide you with a truly immersive culinary experience. You can be as hands on as you want! Do you want to go on a walking tour of Venice where you visit the locals' favorite cicchetti spots or do you want to spend the day with an expert chef shopping at the local market, crafting your meal, and enjoying it together in his home?

A few examples of the kinds of tours and activities that you can expect when we work together on a foodie itinerary include not just my favorite restaurant recommendations but also private chefs, master sommeliers, cooking with locals, biking through the countryside while sampling the very best parmesan, olive oil, and wine, and so much more. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Although honestly, you might not have even thought of most of the experiences we offer - so let me surprise you!

Does everything I do have to be related to food?

No! You will still see all the sights and have all the other wonderful experiences that a destination has to offer, and I will tailor your itinerary to have as much or as little foodie time as you'd like. Though to be fair, you'll definitely want to be eating and drinking the very best when you travel, right? So, whether your main interest is getting hands on with food preparation and learning or simply eating and drinking the very finest local delicacies, then I can craft the perfect itinerary for you.

That being said, even if you've never considered it before, culinary travel really is for everyone, so give me a call or send an email today to see what we can do for you.

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