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How to Choose a World Cruise

Want to see the world in one fell swoop? An around-the-world cruise might be just the ticket. From learning about ancient cultures in exotic destinations and indulging in fine dining to a Viking feast in Iceland's Kjarnaskogur Forest and exploring the Chilean Fjords, there is probably a world cruise for everyone. There are a number of cruise lines who feature an itinerary that circumnavigates the globe, and the wide variety of itineraries, activities, and onboard vibe can make choosing the right cruise a bit daunting. Since this is a bucket list experience for many travelers, it is important to make sure that you find the best fit for your own personal travel style - especially since these cruises can last from 3 to 6 months! Things to consider when choosing the best world cruise for yourself include the itinerary, the onshore and onboard activities, and the amenities you would like or need.

The itinerary is quite an important consideration. Consider the past destinations you have been - do you want to return to any of them or do you want to go to entirely new places? While it could be difficult to find a world cruise itinerary that doesn't go to the ports you have already been to, it is not impossible. Do you want to see a lot of destinations in North America or have more stops in the South Pacific? Would you like to see the Artic regions? More time in Europe or Australia? The size of the ship will also have an effect on the types of places you visit. Smaller ships can go to ports that are off the beaten track, or can dock much closer to the destination. So instead of docking in Southampton and taking the train to London, you could sail on a smaller ship and dock at Tower Bridge, right in the heart of London. However, you might prefer the onboard experience of a larger ship, so that should also be an important consideration. The choice of itinerary can also be influenced by how much you enjoy cruising vs visiting new ports of call since some itineraries can have long segments of sea days where you are on the ship.

Another important consideration is how active you want to be onshore. If walking tours and shopping for souvenirs is how you plan to spend your days then you are looking for a very different cruise than those who wish to go kayaking and mountain biking. For onboard activities, all ships today will have fitness centers but not all will have such a variety of things to do during your days at sea. Think about what options you would like to have for those days. Overall, a world cruise is a fabulous way to see huge parts of the world all at once. While it can take a good bit of time to research the best world cruise option for you, it is certainly worth the effort. If you would like my help in finding the right world cruise for you, just send me a message and we can get to work!

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