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Best Places in Europe to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Vienna New Year’s is known as Silvester in Austria, and if you’re someone who loves music and dancing, then Vienna should be on your list. Instead of watching the ball drop in Times Square, gather in Vienna’s Stephansplatz to hear the Pummerin bell of St. Stephen’s Cathedral ring out at midnight. As the last notes fade away the sky will light up with fireworks and the Blue Danube waltz is played while everyone dances in the New Year. And if that isn’t enough, revelers will then exchange marzipan pigs (a lucky charm for locals.) You can also enjoy the Silvesterpfad, translated as “New Year’s Eve trail” which is a series of events and activities all around the city that run from the afternoon all the way through 2am. If you need to learn how to waltz, you will find free waltzing courses provided by Viennese ballroom dancing schools all around St. Stephen’s Cathedral. On New Year’s Day you can enjoy Vienna’s New Year’s markets as well as the famous New Year’s Concert given by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Vienna Waltz New Year
Waltz in the New Year in Vienna

Monaco If glitz and glamour is what you’re looking for, then Monaco is where you should be heading. This tiny principality, perched on the French Riviera, and only a short drive from Italy, is famous for its glamorous casinos, glitzy nightlife, and yachts moored in the harbor. If you’re looking for a New Year’s party like no other, then head over to Jimmy’z Monte Carlo. The coolest club in Monte Carlo, the legendary Jimmy’z is known for celebrity spotting, endless champagne, and the very best DJ sets.

London London is always a good idea, and the city truly shines for New Year’s festivities. Make sure you come early for the spectacular fireworks show on the Victoria Embankment facing the London Eye. Music plays all throughout the night before Big Ben rings in midnight and after the fireworks fade away the whole crowd joins in signing Auld Lang Syne. If you don’t want to stand outside at the party waiting for the fireworks, make sure to head to one of the restaurants holding New Year’s Eve dinners where you can enjoy the fireworks from your table. On New Year’s Day, sleep off the revelry from the night before and head to brunch at the Wolseley where you can watch the New Year’s Day parade through the windows while enjoying your eggs benedict. This is a generally quiet day in the city so it is perfect for grabbing a bike and exploring or heading to one of the skating rinks around the city.

London New Year Big Ben
Hear Big Ben Ring in the New Year in London

Paris If you’ve been there, done that, when it comes to seeing fireworks shows on New Year’s Eve, perhaps you are looking for something a little different (that also maybe involves less standing around outside on a cold evening.) Why not head to Paris for “The Courtesan Ball” held at the Palace of Versailles? Alain Ducasse’s ORE Restaurant at the palace is serving an 8-course dinner that will make you feel as though you have transported back in time and are truly a guest at one of the famous royal parties held at Versailles.

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