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Let's Focus on the Positive

This year, more than ever, I am inspired by and grateful for the small things in life, those that often get taken for granted or overlooked. While this has certainly been a trying year that has tested the faith and resolve for so many of us, I have reaffirmed my love and appreciation for the travel industry by seeing how we pull together in our time of need. I love that I get to work with happy people to plan their dream vacations. I love that I work with partners who are excited to welcome you and share the beauty and wonder of their home with you and your family. It has been inspiring to see competitors come together for the greater good of both our industry and of the world. Cruise lines, hoteliers, tour operators, and more, have all worked together and shared information as never before. Everyone has gone to truly extraordinary lengths to ensure that they are ready to welcome you when you are ready to travel again.

That being said, let’s focus on the positive, no matter how easy it is to focus on what is negative.

Remember back in March when I recommended that instead of feeling anxious about things you can’t control; you should focus on what you can control instead? (If not, click here to read what I had to say) I come across so many people who say "oh gosh, this year must have been so HORRIBLE for you." They are always surprised when I say, "yes, it has been difficult for many, but I am so excited about the many great things that have happened this year as well!"

I have worked hard to follow my own advice and continue to focus on the positive and finding ways to use 2020 as an opportunity for growth and improvement that I might not have otherwise had the time to do. This has made 2020 an incredible year for Louisa White! Who knew that focusing on what you can control can actually turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one? I have deepened connections with my partners, crafted new itineraries, extensively researched new destinations, attended industry events I never could before (since they went virtual!), and done some serious soul searching about the direction I want to go.

While the grand plan for Louisa White Travel’s ‘2020 Vision’ may have gone out the window months ago, there have been so many new opportunities that we have taken advantage of, and your travel will never be the same – in the best way possible! Some thoughts and ideas that I had filed away for ‘the future’ because I never had the time to tackle them have now been (or soon will be) fully implemented, and I am honestly so incredibly excited for you to start traveling again so that you can experience what we have put together.

What about you? What have you done this year that you might not have done otherwise?

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