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St. Michael's Mount

4,000 years ago a massive storm crashed into Cornwall, swamping the coastal marshes, and setting the tidal island now known as St. Michael’s Mount adrift from the mainland. Every day, during a 90-minute window on either side of low tide, you can walk across the causeway to visit the island before the sea comes rushing back. Walking across is particularly special as you approach the island the way pilgrims have done for centuries, though the good news is that you do not need to rush through your visit as there is a friendly ferryman more than happy to bring you back to shore (for a nominal fee) should you linger awhile longer on the island. The Benedictine abbey on the island was originally a place of pilgrimage whose main attraction was the relic of St. Apollonia of Alexandria, patroness of toothache. Home today to the St. Aubyn family, the Mount is a lovely day out and has featured in a number of films including Dracula, Twelfth Night, and the James Bond film Never Say Never Again.

St. Michael's Mount Cornwall England Island Coast
St. Michael's Mount, seen here at high tide, is a beautiful spot along the Cornish coast

On our tour of Cornwall & The Southwest in September, you will have the opportunity to explore the best that St. Michael’s Mount has to offer. Led by an expert guide, you will experience over 1,000 years of history as St Michael’s Mount has transformed from a Roman port loading tin onto ships bound for the Mediterranean, to a Benedictine monastery, then a fortress, and finally today a beloved family home. Climb the cobbled path to the medieval church and the fairy tale castle at the summit, walk around the harborside learning about community life, hear tales of Jack the Giant Killer, and breath in the fragrance of the subtropical terraced gardens. From the castle battlements you will enjoy spectacular views across the water to Mount’s Bay and The Lizard (a picturesque peninsula whose name is most likely a corruption of its Cornish name: Lys Ardh) in the distance. After you have seen and experienced all that St. Michael’s Mount has to offer, we will head back across the water to Marazion, the town on the mainland which looks across the water to the Mount.

england south west coast path lizard hike
If you are looking for fresh air and spectacular vistas, hike along the South West Coast Path's Lizard Peninsula

Should you have a good bit of time to spend in the area, there are a number of other places to visit while you are in the vicinity. Start off with lunch in Marazion at The Godolphin, a restaurant with a spectacular view across the water to St. Michael’s Mount, that (perhaps unsurprisingly) specializes in the delicious fresh seafood Cornwall is famous for. If you are up for a bit of a hike then drive down the coast and pick up the South West Coast Path where you can enjoy a scenic hike along down to The Lizard. You will pass beautiful coves, villages, and coastline, and will easily see why the South West Coast Path is one of the world’s most popular walking paths. Or, if you are perhaps not up for a hike, instead you can drive a short distance to Madron, just outside Penzance, and visit the lush garden and stately home of Trengwainton. Keep in mind that Trengwainton is only open during a limited time, so be sure to check ahead before making the drive.

If you're interested in a private tour of Cornwall, contact us directly to discuss your options. If you would like to visit this September on our small group (14 max travelers), then click here to learn more.

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