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The most glamorous way to travel to London

Last week the film Let Them All Talk starring Meryl Streep was released on HBO Max, which is largely set onboard Cunard’s flagship, the Queen Mary 2, during one of their iconic transatlantic crossings from New

cunard cruise queen mary 2
Cunard's flagship, Queen Mary 2

York to London. Long considered the most elegant way to journey to and from Britain, Cunard runs scheduled eastbound and westbound transatlantic crossings frequently throughout the year and there are many who choose to bookend their vacations to Britain with a Cunard crossing – never setting foot on an airplane for their journey between the Old World and the New.

Queen Mary 2 is a remarkable flagship, and her style and elegance are legendary. Above all, it is the space she offers and the luxury for you to do as little or as much as you wish which set her apart. Cunard’s flagship is a truly astonishing liner, and you will find an incredible sense of freedom in the space she offers.

fencing cunard cruise
Take fencing classes during your crossing

Whether you are in the mood for complete relaxation or something more active, you can find it onboard. Immerse yourself in enthralling entertainment, be indulged in the Canyon Ranch Spa Club, or simply relax with a book in her vast library. Though perhaps the most magical aspect of a transatlantic journey is the rediscovery of time, something so often lost in the jet setting type of travel we are more used to. In a day and age when you can get to the other side of the planet in half a day’s travel, there is something very old school and romantic about traveling by sea. You understand and appreciate the size of the world when it takes you six days to cross the Atlantic instead of five hours. The Golden Age of travel may seem as though it is consigned to the pages of history books, but aboard a Cunard transatlantic crossing, its spirit lives on in glamorous fashion.

Benefits of Booking your Cunard crossing with Louisa White Travel

afternoon tea cunard queen mary 2 london
Enjoy sumptuous afternoon tea aboard the Queen Mary 2

As one of our partners, on their transatlantic crossings Cunard has extended amenities to our travelers including up to $250 per person onboard credit, specialty dining credits, private car transfers to and from the ship in New York and London and exclusive cocktail parties. Our Stately Houses of Yorkshire itinerary also happens to perfectly line up with a westbound transatlantic from London to New York, so if you are traveling on that itinerary, why not travel home on a Cunard crossing instead of flying? It really is the perfect way end your trip on a high note. And after the year 2020 turned out to be, who couldn’t use something a little glamorous and over the top?

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