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Windswept coastlines, Roman Baths, and the World's Oldest Clock: Britain by Rail

On this three city itinerary visiting some of Britain's western wonders by rail you will explore windswept castles, be fueled by cream teas and Cornish pasties, bathe in Roman springs, and back in time to climb cathedral spires and witness Stonehenge’s prehistoric stones.

London to Truro

Overnight sleeper train

Truro Cornwall England Britain Cathedral UK
Truro Cathedral

Enjoy a cocktail onboard the overnight sleeper service, the Riviera Train, and wake up in the Duchy of Cornwall. Truro is Cornwall's only city, and it has everything you could want in a destination - great shopping, great entertainment and a flourishing foodie scene. As you wander the city you will see that Truro's heritage is evident everywhere you look. From historic architecture to delightful parks and public spaces - Truro is always welcoming, and quite often, surprising.

Royal Cornwall Museum Uncover the story of how miners from Cornwall emigrated across the globe and kick-started industries in the US, Canada, Australia and South America. This cultural treasure trove is filled with artifacts from Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Truro Cathedral Truro Cathedral was one of the last to be built in England and its three spires dominate the city skyline. At its heart is the Father Willis Organ, one of the finest musical instruments in the country. It arrived by boat from London and was installed in 1887. Friday lunchtime recitals from March to October show off its range, depth and power.

Beyond the city: Tintagel Castle Hire a driver for the drive to Tintagel where you can immerse yourself in stunning scenery and the legend of King Arthur at this castle set high on Cornwall’s rugged north coast.

Bonus: Cornish Pasties Guess where the world’s first museum dedicated to the Cornish Pasty can be found. Truro? Redruth? Actually, Mexico. Its origin is fast food for hungry tin miners and today you can see how it is made and try one at one of several pasty shops in Truro.

Truro to Bath Appx 4 hours journey time

The city of Bath is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site as it represents some of the finest architectural sights in Europe and is a must visit for any fan of Jane Austen's work as she lived and worked here for several years. In fact, two of her novels are set in Bath: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

The Roman Baths

Roman baths bath Spa uk england britain
The Roman Baths

Walk on ancient pavements in the footsteps of the Romans who built these baths 2,000 years ago, at the only official hot springs in England. They named the city Aquae Sulis, after Sulis, the goddess of the ancient Britons who worshipped her at these waters before the arrival of the Imperial armies. Today, stories within the museum reveal the history of the people who have travelled to Bath for healing, culture, fashion and recreation.

bath uk england britain royal crescent jane austen
Bath's Royal Crescent

Thermae Bath Spa Bathe in the natural thermal waters at Thermae Bath Spa, just as the Romans did – it’s now the only place in the UK where you can bathe in natural thermal waters.

15 Great Pulteney Great Pulteney Street is Bath’s grandest parade of neoclassical houses, completed in 1789 for the city’s smart set.

Bath to Salisbury

Appx 1 hour journey time

The cathedral city of Salisbury is the ideal fusion of ancient and modern, where magnificent medieval architecture meets contemporary culture.

Salisbury cathedral For many people, the Tower Tour is the absolute highlight of their visit. Climb 332 steps in easy stages and explore the ancient roof spaces. After the climb, you’ll be rewarded with an aerial view of the inside of the Cathedral and panoramic views of Salisbury and the surrounding countryside.

The Cathedral Close

salisbury cathedral england britain uk
Salisbury Cathedral

This oasis of calm including eight acres of lawn surrounding Salisbury Cathedral is a great place to explore the historic houses and museums that lie within its ancient walls.

The world’s oldest mechanical clock Estimated to have ticked 500,000,000 times since it was made, circa 1386, the clock has no face and only strikes the hours. It can be found in Salisbury Cathedral.

Salisbury’s pub life Salisbury is famed for its ancient pubs. The Haunch of Venison stakes a claim back to 1320, before a mummified human hand was buried beneath one of its fireplaces.

Stonehenge salisbury england britain uk
Stonehenge sits on the Salisbury Plain

Beyond the city: Stonehenge One of the world’s most famous monuments, Stonehenge sits just 10 miles from Salisbury and is accessible by the Stonehenge bus which leaves from outside of Salisbury Station, or you could hire a driver and travel on your own time. The circle of great stones evolved from a bank and ditch in the Neolithic period, some 5,000 years ago.

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