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Travel Beyond the Ordinary, On Your Own Terms

Enjoying an indulgent afternoon tea on the Okavango Delta as you watch the antelope graze along the water's edge...Strolling the ancient walkways of picturesque Andalusian villages in the company of a local historian...Standing in the quiet night air of the Tower of London to watch the 800 year-old Ceremony of the Keys...

You crave travel that centers discovery, and that prioritizes doing over simply seeing.

You crave travel done the Louisa White way. 


Tell us your passions and we will let them lead the way, designing a bespoke experience full of immersive excursions and unique-to-you adventures.


Meet local experts, immerse yourselves in the culture, and unlock behind-the-scenes access to legendary wonders.


"Working with Rachel was phenomenal! Her intimate knowledge of the areas we wanted to travel was remarkable and her choices for our desires were impeccable.”

— Michael, visited Italy


"She found unique and one-of-a-kind guides who each went above and beyond to share their culture and history with us. This was a trip we'll be talking about for a lifetime!!"

— Elizabeth, visited Croatia

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