Here is what a few of our clients have to say 

Shannon, a busy professional and dad, wanted to plan a trip of a lifetime for his daughter who was about to graduate from high school. Shannon is interested in castles and family history, while his daughter is very interested in the history of the Second World War. We planned a trip through Germany, the Netherlands, England, and Scotland that took into consideration both of their interests while staying within the time and budget they had available. Shannon had been concerned about the potential issues that could arise during travel, so he was relieved to know that he could contact us easily at any time during travel through our app.


“We started out with a person from our local area, she felt that she wasn't able to meet our needs and referred us to Rachel. Although Rachel is in another state and we have never met, it was an AWESOME experience. Rachel gave us a phone interview to find out our needs. From there she tailored our trip to meet our travel desires AND the budget. Its no small task to plan someones life long travel desires… She always took time to answer any question and handle every detail. She never once made us feel like we were in the way or bothering her. While traveling the app was a wonderful gift that made checking the schedule and its details so easy…She has experience and travel advice that will make your vacation more efficient, less expensive, stay in the best places and see the best places. I feel like we got a lot more travel service than we paid for, I would do it over again…Rachel's customer service has been outstanding. She has given insight and travel details that are in-valuable. I’ve never done a trip like this, I’m so grateful she was there for us. I couldn’t imagine pulling this off by myself. I am recommending her every time I tell people about our trip. I feel like were old friends and I know her, even though we’ve never met. You know a person is doing a great job when your customers feel so at ease.” – Shannon


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Elizabeth, a busy doctor and professor travels frequently for conferences and speaking engagements as well as for relaxing and adventurous vacations around the world with her boyfriend. Elizabeth works long days and simply had no desire to spend hours of time and effort planning and executing her travel arrangements in her spare time when she gets home. She has joined as an Annual Subscription Member so that we can handle anything and everything that she might need. By taking this weight off her shoulders, she has been able to reclaim her precious free time.


Louisa White Travel has been a godsend. Before becoming a member, I was overwhelmed with travel plans for frequent conferences for work (on top of weddings and other events). Now I simply send my schedule over to Rachel who takes care of everything, leaving me to worry only about my lectures and my wardrobe! Rachel’s swift and concise replies are a breath of fresh air. She even works around my schedule to ensure that I can fit in little getaways to relieve stress. From dream vacations to the every day slog, Rachel at Louisa White Travel takes care of my every need!” – Elizabeth

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Ted wanted to plan a surprise birthday trip for his wife and reached out to us for help. He had several destinations in mind and after discussing his needs and learning what he and wife were looking for, we decided that London and the Cotswolds would be the perfect destination for the two of them. Ted and his wife travel regularly, though had not worked with a professional for a few years. They both appreciated our first hand knowledge of the destination, hotels, restaurants, and tours as well as our relationships with our partners onsite. By giving them plenty of advice from our experience, they had the ability to do plenty of self-exploration in both London and the Cotswolds.


“Rachel Shoemaker arranged our trip to England. We could not have been more pleased. She spent significant time with me learning about our preferences on hotels, flight times, neighborhoods and many other things. Out of these conversations she put together a perfect, seamless trip to London, Bath and the Cotswolds. Among the many details, she provided useful reviews and suggestions about each destination and even the neighborhoods where we stayed. She very thoughtfully provided guidebooks, walking maps and a little thought of essential- AC/DC power converters…I have used travel agents in the past, and they have acted essentially as ticket brokers, offering no greater expertise except their knowledge of reservation systems. Rachel Shoemaker thoughtfully considered our style and substance interests and created a trip that perfectly suited us. We will use no one else in future.” – Ted

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