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Meet Rachel Shoemaker,

Founder of Louisa White Travel

My passion for crafting custom travel didn’t begin on the streets of London, or the windblown dunes of Namibia, it began in a dusty attic in Pennsylvania. I grew up on a farm that’s been in my family for five generations. One day when I was little, I decided to explore the attic of the farmhouse where I found a stack of old steamer trunks, covered in peeling, faded stickers from around the world. Beneath a layer of dust, I could read the initials “LW” on the side.

Shoemaker headshot.jpg

That would be my glamorous great-great grandmother, Louisa White. A small spitfire of a woman, Louisa never turned down a travel adventure. She was forever curious, fiercely independent, and fueled by an insatiable wanderlust. That’s exactly the kind of person I’ve built my business around today. Like Louisa, my clients want to see the world on their own terms, and they don’t want to compromise on style or comfort to see it all. They’re used to the “best of the best,” and they want to experience the best a new destination has to offer, too.

Does that sound like you? Then welcome.



Let’s pack your itinerary with experiences and excursions that are personally meaningful. Maybe that’s an after hours tour of the British Museum … or maybe it’s a private afternoon tea in Lady Astor's former sitting room, foraging for gin botanicals in Cape Town, or a bike ride across Tuscany. We’ll let your interests, passions, and one-of-a-kind style lead the way.



Welcome to truly effortless travel. From hand selected hotel rooms to dinner reservations at my favorite place in town, VIP behind the scenes tours, and local experts to guide you every step of the way. I take care of every itinerary detail for you.


This is travel, exactly as you want it, when you want it, without any of the stress.



I’m a hands-on travel planner. Meaning: I’m deeply invested in your personal travel experience. In addition to itinerary planning and booking, you get my support while you travel, my personalized destination recommendations, and a few special surprises thrown in for good measure.

Cotswolds Tour
London Borough Market
Cotswolds Tour
London tour
Epidauros Greece
Seville Spain
Santorini Greece
Blenheim Palace Cotswolds
Venice Italy
Dubrovnik Croatia
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